Wednesday, January 12, 2011

♥ My Life ♥

Please don't BULLY me...TT

 Oppssss..Am i look innocent in this photo?lol..Don't beat me harrr....I knew i very yong sui...TT...Hmmmm..I'm currently busy for my life...even I'm busy for my work..but i also enjoy and have fun in this buzy period..

As you guys know..I been started my industrial training at JiaYu Channel..which is channel 304 in astro..I been assign as a trainee in the Production team..Hmmm..the first two day of my work was damn boring...and i still can't get used to office life...But after few day..i found out that office life also can be funny and full of entertain...At the third day of work...The friendship between me and my colleague become closer when we celebrated the Birthday of our Production Manager in the office...I felt excited when my manager said that i got chances to working at the back stage of a concert like Jay Chow,Wonder Girl and Wong Zhi Hwa...Yeahhhh!!! 

My working pass at jia yu channel
Im a office man...hahaaa

Answering the phone..

Nenenene bubu

My seat...
Birthday party in the office
Her birthday..XDD

By the way..i also get a chance to join the production of NTV7 which will show on April22 and produce by Double Vision Media....I gain lot of experience and met lot of new friend which can help me in the future during that two day of shooting process...

One of the actress..As i know she also involve in the movie Tian Tian Hao Tian..

Reading Script....

One of the actor..hahaaaa..he look Q

Vision Production..

Eat and Play
Hmmm..The most important thing in my life are eat and play...i couldn't survive without eat and play..I love to play around and make joke..hahaa....My life in KL is full of event and fun...Keep hang out and play everyday...I love KL life more then Penang..I usually be an Event Organizer in my GANG...keep calling everyone out for movie.,yum cha,dinner,party and clubbing...hahaa..I love the feeling when we all play together..Friends are very important in our life...heheee...

Otw to yum cha...XDD
Dinner at Daore with my korean friend..
Freaky full that night..Weeee
Midnight go Yum Cha..
KL firework..

Genting firework

After the firework Teatime at Starbuck..
Dinner Night..

Add caption
Kacau kacau...


Shopping and Movie
LOL...i will do it at least 5 times in a week...Everyone love shopping and movie right?haha...Normally , I will hang out with my GANG which isjason,kelvin,edison life would bored if without them..thanks you guys for keep hang out and made joke with me...heheeee..Our favorite mall is Pavilion..always went there for movie and shopping..second should be Midvalley and The Garden...LOL

Sushi Zanmai
Jason,Edi,Kelvin and Kenny

Waiting for movie

At Sushi Zanmai

Club favorite function...Normally I'll report myself in the club on every Saturday...I love to club...It is because the alcohol and dance can reduce my stress..and i can also meet lot of new friends in the club...hahaa....

Otw to club..yeahh
Penang Club
Let's club tonight!!
This things made all of us drunk that night!

Jun Yi and kenny

I love the VODKA mixed with Ribena.

Still got 3 more month for me to live in KL...Feel like don't want back to Penang to continue my study...hahaa...Good luck for my internship in this 3 month! Let's work hard together for our intern, all of my classmate..See u guys in college after 3 month.....Weeeeeeee**

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