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Half a year ago, upon completion of my bachelor degree and before I was about to venture into my career life, I made the decision to participate in Work and Travel USA (WAT) Program. I was blessed to receive support from my parent based on the reasons that I want to make new friends across the globe, gain experience to western country, have a glimpse in the working life and most importantly, to fulfill my dream to travel the world independently.

Cottonwood Cove Resort & Marina

I received a job offer from Cottonwood Cove Resort and Marina located on the Colorado river in Nevada, United States. My first impression on Cottonwood Cove Resort and Marina was spectacular. It was a motel in a middle of nowhere surrounding by the Nevada desert and Lake Mahove. The sky was cloudless blue and the sparkling calm water was simply breathtaking. My first thought on the resort was a decent place equipped with the sense of tranquility and an ideal place to live on in middle of desert for the next 4 months.

Desert in Nevada
Beautiful beach at lake mohave
sunset at cottonwood cove resort & marina

Each of us was provided with a private room inside dormitory. The rooms were equipped with a private bathroom, Direct TV, microware, refrigerator, air conditioner and a queen bed. The room was comfortable, as there have all the necessities.

Employees dorm

My room
The Lake Mahove provided the perfect setting for activities including diving, snorkeling, fishing, sailing, kayaking, waterskiing and some other exciting adventures. Motel employees received complimentary water sport activities. Innovative cuisine in a variety of restaurants in the resort presented a range of culinary experiences. Motel employees received discounted food and beverages.


Ready for wake board

kayak on lake mohave
lunch time at cove cafe

I was assigned to work as a housekeeper. My duties and responsibilities included basic floors and walls cleaning, completing inventory of motel contents on form provided, replenishing supplies such as linens, writing supplies, bathroom items as well as some other miscellaneous tasks.  I have never done these kinds of chores before but these periods of housekeeping work have instilled work attitude and habits such as reliability, responsibility, thoroughness and persistence on myself. I started to appreciate my mother’s effort in household chores and understood more on family values. 

Hotel Housekeeper
heading to work
Cleaning the cove suite
Apart from the housekeeping task, I have to respond to hotel guests’ everyday requests. Some of the hotel guests were friendly; they offered us to visit their states and gave their word for possible touring for me. They even cooked breakfast for us while we were cleaning their room. Some hotel guests were meant; they left their room in a very messy condition leaving us a hug chore to do. The guest satisfaction was my primary goal and I have responded professionally to all ancillary service attached to housekeeping.  

Lovely note from motel guest
prank by hotel guest

On my leisure time, I joined my company routine trip which brought the J1 exchange students to the down town, Las Vegas. This trip was operated on a weekly basis and we can decide where we want to go.  Our weekly agenda were sight seeing and grocery shopping.

Mandalay Beach @ Mandalay Hotel
Shop Shop Shop
Las Vegas Signboard - Welcome to Las Vegas!

Every Wednesday night, the J1 exchange students from Malaysia, Kosovo, Turkey, Jamaica and Bulgaria organized a movie night in the community center. Everyone get to vote what movie they want to watch. We also had dinner together and shared different kind of food from different country. It was a good experience to talk to people with different background, learnt about their culture and traditions. We used to making joke with each other and laughed for the whole night. To me, it was akin to cultural exchange program.

Watching american football!
Bullying Motel Manager
Movie night
Supporters of Green Bay Packers

I am certain that my experience has far exceeded my expectation in the WAT program. My 4 months working experience has given me the chance to explore United States and the working culture in resort industry allowing me to develop skills in hospitality. Also, I met such great likeminded and enthusiastic colleague who became good friends. These experiences are very valuable and memorable.

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