Wednesday, February 9, 2011

♥ Busy Month ♥

It's another busy month again..But I still love and enjoy it..yeah! It's the birthday of 3 of my friends..and the event still same...Party!!!haha..

 ♥ CL Boo

We went to his house and gave him a big surprise..He was totally shocked for few seconds...Funny boy...With no planning, we went to Athena Cafe at Pavilion to chit chat and gossip..The next day, we went to club to celebrate another friend birthday-Terry Woo..Dinner at Wong Kok restaurant before club, I love the Mega Nai Cha very much..hahaa

With CL boo and Ah Sheh

In the car...

What a huge drink...

♥ Terry Woo

The drinker and drunker Terry Woo..He was drunk that night..keep on biting people..Luckily I'm not one of the victims...hahahaa

Wow...I love the cup cake...yummy...

Blow job..=.=

With beloved Alice, Nick and Ah sheh

Yeahhh !!!

 ♥ Jeh Fei Jeffrey

House party at Seri Cempaka Service Suite...Met lots of old friend there...The Birthday boy was so funny..He kept on making joke for us...After the party..we straight away went to club..hehee

Dinning at pavilion before the party..

The birthday boy and birthday cake..

Me me me..

Full of people...

My gang !

House Party

Time to club..hahaa


Another party in my company..Jia Yu Channel..I don't knew can it counted as annual party..It's something like a party before the holiday of Chinese New Year..All colleague were working hard to setting up the venue, buying food and drinks, inviting people and etc..The office was full of joy and fun...Its my 1st time to Lou Shang...I never did it in Penang..So its quite interesting and funny..haha

We are from Jia Yu Channel

Lou Shang and eat eat eat..haha


Opsss...they look damn excited..

It's the time to end this article...Wait for my next post yaa...Byeee

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